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           News Center
           Overview of the College 
           Members of Leading Group 
           Organizational Structure of the Information College 
           Introduction to Undergraduate Specialties  
          News Center
          Our Faculty Signed An Industry-Academic Cooperation Agreement with Liaoning Huading Technology Co., L...
          College held "13th Five-Year" proposed draft plan discussion(Apr 11, 2016)
          Professor Peter of University of Connecticut was invited for academic exchange to our college(Mar 28,...
          Dr. Liu Wanquan Curtin University came to our school to carry out academic exchanges (Jan 16, 2015)
          College of information and control engineering held lectures knowledge of fire safety (Nov 27, 2014)
          Information held in College Alumni award grants fund paid activities (Nov25, 2014)
          Information college level 2012 students mobilization activities (Nov 18, 2014)
          Information College "traces the history, special endeavor talent" school (Nov 14, 2014)
          Our college students in Liaoning Province, the second session of the future workplace Elite Challenge...
          The Information Institute held its eighth session of teachers and students track and field games (Sep...
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